Tax Services 

Tax Services

In the United States, we have a complex system of Federal, State, and Local tax laws, regulations, and reporting requirements. This, unfortunately, leads many taxpayers to require the assistance of a tax professional.  As a tax attorney, I most commonly assist taxpayers when they have been selected for audit, owe money to one or tax agencies, are not in compliance with their filing requirements, or face a complex issue of tax law.  For ease, I have divided these tax issues into the following categories:

Audit Representation
An IRS or State Tax Audit can be stressful, time consuming, and costly.  Learn more about our audit representation services. [More..]

IRS and State Tax Collections can leave you feeling helpless. Learn more about the tax debt solutions available to you. [More...]


An experienced tax attorney can help you achieve filing compliance when tax return filings are complex or delinquent. [More...]

Palm Trees
Foreign Reporting and Disclosures

Failure to report foreign assets and income can result in significant penalties.  Achieve filing compliance &  stay there. [More...]

Tax Research & Memorandums

Unique or challenging tax situations require tax attorney prepared memorandums in order to protect yourself and report. [More...]

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